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Quantum sensors have been studied extensively and are commercially available today, but they are also very limited. Measurements can only be made along one direction, whereas three-dimensional vector-type measurements are required for many applications. In addition, ‘dead time’ during the measurements degrades the accuracy, especially over long-term use.
Through close collaboration between European and Canadian research institutes, VIQTOR proposes to develop a novel 3D quantum manipulation toolbox that will lead to a new generation of vectorial quantum sensors. VIQTOR also proposes to develop a quantum sensor array with links between several spatially distributed nodes. This infrastructure will enable observations of small ‘inertial anomalies’ with improved sensitivity. The combination of these two innovations will lead to a vector map of accelerations and rotations on the geosphere – enabling the detection of small geophysical signals previously inaccessible with classical sensors. These capabilities create new market opportunities, such as positioning without GPS, resource management without drilling, or improved early-warning systems for natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or volcanic eruptions.