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22 March 2024

PhD Position in Quantum Imaging for sub-shot noise monitoring of optical nano-particles

🏙️ Location: Bordeaux (France) and San Sebastian (Spain)🎓 Education: Masters degree in Physics or EngineeringThe research groups of Prof. Nicolas Bachelard (University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France) and Prof. Gabriel Molina-Terriza (Materials Physics Centre, San Sebastian, Spain) are offering a PhD…
6 October 2023

Postdoctoral & PhD Positions in cavity/waveguide QED

🏙️ Location: LP2N, Talence (Bordeaux area, France) 🎓 Education: PhD or Post Doc degree           🧳 Experience: > 2 y The Cold Atom Group at the LP2N laboratory in Bordeaux (France) is looking for a motivated Postdoc and…
28 September 2023

ELGAR : a future European Laboratory for Gravitation and Atom-interferometric Research

The ELGAR initiative supports the realization of a European underground infrastructure based on the latest progress in atomic physics, to study space-time and gravitation with the primary goal of detecting GWs in the infrasound band (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz).…
24 August 2023

iXAtom: quantum sensors to navigate on and under water

The iXAtom joint laboratory aims to develop a new generation of inertial sensors, based on the use of cold atoms. Navigating a boat or submarine imposes constraints that are not fully met by current tools. The iXAtom joint laboratory aims…
28 July 2023

Naquidis Center Celebrates 18 Months of Fruitful Collaborations in the Presence of Alain Aspect, Étienne Klein, Christophe Salomon, and a Memorable Conclusion by Alain Rousset.

On July 11, 2023, the Institute of Optics of Aquitaine witnessed a momentous event: the celebration of 18 months of concrete actions and collaborations between the academic and industrial worlds in the field of quantum technologies, within the Naquidis Center…
28 July 2023

Joint Postdoctoral Researcher Position Available: Quantum Error Correction

🏙️ Location: IMB, Talence (Bordeaux area, France) and Quandela (Massy, France) 🎓 Education: PhD degree           🧳 Experience: > 2 y Quandela and Gilles Zémor’s group at the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (IMB) are seeking a…
22 July 2023

Signatures: The Expertise of the Cryptis Team (Xlim, Limoges) at the heart of the New NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Round

Post-quantum cryptography is at the forefront of research in computer security, anticipating the era where quantum computers could jeopardize classical encryption systems. Within this rapidly evolving field, Philippe Gaborit and Nicolas Aragon (from the XLIM laboratory in Limoges) are contributing…
9 June 2023

Associate Researcher Position Available: Innovative laser source for quantum applications

🏙️ Location: LP2N - Starlight+, Talence (Bordeaux area, France) 🎓 Education: PhD degree           🧳 Experience: > 2 y The Labcom Starlight+ is seeking a highly motivated and talented individual to join the team of Giorgio Santarelli…
4 April 2023

The Quantum Future Begins in Prague (🤝 Naquidis inside)

1 April 2023 – Announcing the start of the quantum projects. With the power to create unbreakable encryption, supercharge the development of artificial intelligence, and radically expedite the development of new drug treatments, quantum technology will revolutionize our world. On…
21 March 2023

Professor Tenure Track Position Available: Join our Team and Drive Innovation

🏙️ Location: LABRI, Talence (Bordeaux area, France) 🎓 Education: PhD degree           🧳 Experience: > 3 y University of Bordeaux is seeking a highly motivated and talented individual to join our team as a Junior Professor in…
27 February 2023

Laser Scientist Wanted: Join our Team and Drive Innovation

🏙️ Co-location: SPARK Lasers, Martillac (Bordeaux area, France) and Xlim (Limoges, France) 🎓 Education: PhD degree           🧳 Experience: > 3 y Who are we? Founded in 1917, Institut d'Optique Graduate School (IOGS) is a world leader…
20 February 2023

Senior Developer Wanted: Join our Team and Drive Innovation

🏙️ Location: Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, Talence (Bordeaux area, France) OR Xlim (Limoges, France) 🎓 Education: +5y degree after bac           🧳 Experience: > 2 y Who are we? Founded in 1917, Institut d'Optique Graduate School (IOGS) is…
1 February 2023

Qu-Test: The Quantum sensing test-bed to benchmark industrial products

🛫 March 2023, NAQUIDIS (Institut d'Optique and LP2N) is very proud to have been selected to be the expert on quantum sensing with cold atoms, thanks to the Horizon Europe program. 🛬 ETA: March 2027 Qu-Test is a partnership of…
23 January 2023

QI-Next: the smart quantum workforce in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

🛫 April 2023, NAQUIDIS launches QI-Next (the smart quantum workforce) with the  University of Bordeaux (LABRI and IMB), and the University of Limoges (Xlim). 🛬 ETA: September 2024 Two programs will run concurrently: Program A to promote regional academic offerings…
15 January 2023

Development of the next generation of Quantum Gravimeters

🛫 Since November 2022, NAQUIDIS and 9 European partners have launched the FIQUgS project, thanks to the Horizon Europe program. 🛬 ETA: November 2025 Gravimetry aims at unveiling the density structure of the undergrounds by measuring subtle changes of the…
6 January 2023

VEGA: Development of embedded quantum gravimeters

🛫 March 2023, NAQUIDIS launches VEGA (Vehicle-based Exploration of Gravity using Atoms) with Exail, and LP2N. 🛬 ETA: March 2026 This project aims to develop embedded quantum gravimeters (using atomic interferometry with laser-cooled atoms). The project includes both fundamental research…
18 July 2022

The future of The cybersecurity in the world of Quantum Computing is at stake in Limoges.

On 5 July, the NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology), the CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique), and the University of Limoges signed a licensing agreement on the basis of patents developed in Limoges.
20 June 2022

Ready to join our Quantum Journey?

The Naquidis team took the occasion of the ALPHA-RLH cluster members' forum at Château Laffitte to announce its new platform of Scientific Matchmaking.The platform's features are open to any organizations or individuals interested in exploring the potential of quantum technologies…
7 April 2022

Postdoctoral & PhD positions available

Location: Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, Talence (Bordeaux area, France) A unique environment for quantum technologies, combining cutting-edge academic research and application-oriented industrial R&D and gathering key players in the field: LP2N: Academic research lab, specialized in novel atom interferometry techniques iXblue:…
17 March 2022

ESA probing navigation via the quantum realm

ESA’s NAVISP programme – helping to invent the future of European navigation – is probing the science of the very small. The aim is to employ hyper-sensitive quantum technology-based sensors as supplementary navigation solutions, including tracking local variations in gravity…
16 February 2022

Correlated quantum sensors to verify General Relativity

A team of French physicians (CNRS, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, Observatoire de Paris, UPMC, Université de Bordeaux), supported by CNES and ESA, publishes a detailed study showing how two different matter waves can allow to test the principle of the…
15 November 2021

Combining cybersecurity acceleration strategy and quantum strategy in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

A first call for projects aimed at supporting the development of critical and innovative cybersecurity technology building blocks was published on 28 July as part of France’s cybersecurity acceleration strategy. This call for projects is the first of a several;…
2 November 2021

Representing Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s quantum ecosystem at the European Commission

The NAQUIDIS Center is an official member of the Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC).  The Consortium advocates, promotes, and fosters the common interests of the European Quantum Industry towards all Quantum Technology stakeholders. Objectives:  Identify gaps in the Quantum Technology sector…
25 October 2021

At TNO and PTB’s side for the FPA “open testing, and pilot production capabilities for quantum technologies”

The Naquidis Center participated in the Matchmaking Partners Day for the FPA “open testing, and pilot production capabilities for quantum technologies” on October 25. Philippe Bouyer gave a 10-minute pitch in which he presented Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s quantum ecosystem to more than…
21 October 2021

AI, robotics and quantum technology

NAIA.R (R for robotics) will take place over 3 days, from 9 to 11 December 2021, at H14 in Bordeaux. It will have over 5,000 m2 of space for demonstrations, stands, professional meetings, workshops, round tables and conferences. The event…
21 October 2021

Naquidis coordinates and submits VIQTOR, its first European project, and wins 2021 ‘Setting up European or/and International Scientific Networks (MRSEI)’ call for projects

Quantum sensors have been studied extensively and are commercially available today, but they are also very limited. Measurements can only be made along one direction, whereas three-dimensional vector-type measurements are required for many applications. In addition, ‘dead time’ during the…
4 October 2021

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is well represented on the SGPI’s quantum map

 On 4 October, the founding partners of the Naquidis Center met with Neil Abroug, Head of the French National Quantum Strategy, for the first time. Neil Abroug is an engineer at the French National Institutes of Science and Technology (INSA)…
17 September 2021

Muquans and Naquidis in the spotlight in Echos Judiciares Girondins’ 17 September 2021 issue

‘Three physicists with great industrial ambitions founded Gironde-based company Muquans, which has since become number one in quantum sensors in France. Ten years later, it made a huge change by joining forces with iXblue, a company that aims to become…
2 September 2021

XLIM and IMB among the nine finalists of NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Program

Securing today’s data against tomorrow’s enemies.  Digital communications are currently protected by asymmetric cryptography technology. Peter Shor has shown that a powerful quantum computer could break current encryption. What would happen if some of today’s top-secret information, such as diplomatic…
22 July 2021

Have the Naquidis Center team come to meet you

The Naquidis Center is the result of 3 years of hard work. It aims to accelerate quantum technology research. The creators of the Naquidis Center have developed a hybrid form of operating inspired by the leading innovation centres, with the…