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The platform's features are open to any organizations or individuals interested in exploring the potential of quantum technologies in the scope of the 3 thematic axes defined by our Scientific Advisory Board. The data we collect is subject to a confidentiality agreement.

Submit your pre-project on our dedicated platform. Pre-projects can be either fundamental research, applied research, collaboration between Research and Industry, start-up maturation with co-creation. The call for pre-project is open to all organizations or individuals interested in exploring the potential of quantum technologies and receiving support from the NAQUIDIS team for research carried out in laboratories in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The pre-project application process is a continuous open call.
As a second step, after analysis by the Naquidis “Pillar Team” (chairs and co-chairs), with possible validation from the Scientific Advisory Board, applicants will work closely with the NAQUIDIS team and the appropriate partners to elaborate on the pre-project proposals towards final proposals for evaluation by the engagement committee. This committee gathers the 3 “pillars team leader” (CODIR) and is eventually completed with members of the steering committee if the project requires exceptional attention.

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Tell us about your competencies, scientific expertise, technological solutions, or products. We will then contact you if we have any needs related to this information.

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