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On July 11, 2023, the Institute of Optics of Aquitaine witnessed a momentous event: the celebration of 18 months of concrete actions and collaborations between the academic and industrial worlds in the field of quantum technologies, within the Naquidis Center initiative, established in March 2021. This exceptional day brought together renowned figures such as Alain Aspect, Étienne Klein, and Christophe Salomon, and was marked by Alain Rousset’s concluding remarks and the awarding of the Region’s medal to Alain Aspect.

Since its inception, Naquidis Center has been dedicated to fostering exchanges and synergies between researchers, academics, and industry players in the realm of quantum technologies. The commemorative day provided an opportunity to take stock of the progress made through this innovative and unique initiative in the burgeoning field.

The morning began with inspiring speeches from emblematic figures in quantum research, including Alain Aspect, known for his pioneering work in quantum physics experimentation, Étienne Klein, a passionate popularizer of physics, and Christophe Salomon, an expert in quantum physics of ultracold gases.

Following the presentations, a series of roundtable discussions took place, during which academic researchers and company representatives shared their experiences, the challenges in education and the outcomes of their collaborations in the field of quantum technologies.

The afternoon was filled with interactive workshops, highlighting concrete projects resulting from collaborations within Naquidis Center in the realm of quantum technologies. Innovative prototypes were showcased, ranging from revolutionary quantum devices to promising industrial applications. Participants had the opportunity to interact with researchers and entrepreneurs, creating potential for future partnerships.

This day, rich in exchanges and discoveries, strengthened the bonds between academics and industry professionals in the field of quantum technologies, affirming the significance of Naquidis Center as a premier initiative in the landscape of quantum technology research and industry.

🙏 A big thank you to: ️

👥 the 200 participants: the room was packed! 👨‍🔬 the honored guests: Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, Etienne Klein, Christophe Salomon, and Alain Rousset.

🎙️ the speakers: David Sadek, Fabien Napolitano, Nicholas Traynor, Thomas Plisson, Sébastien Tanzilli, Elisabeth BOERI, Gilles Zémor, Philippe Gaborit, Brahim Lounis, Mathieu Klinger, Simon Bernon, Philippe Bouyer, Johan Boullet, Vincent Couderc, Pascal Dupriez, Nicolas Maring, Nicolas Bachelard, Adèle Morisset, Nicolas Aragon, Cédric Tavernier, Paul Hilaire, Emmanuel Fretel, Jean Lautier-Gaud, Vincent Ménoret, Baptiste Battelier, Remi Geiger, and Camille Janvier.

🎯 the exhibitors who presented their technologies and products: AeroDIODE, ARDOP Industrie, AUREA Technology, DIMIONE Systems, Exail, Ophir Spiricon Europe, and TOPTICA Photonics.

🤝 our sponsor Exail for their support.

The event was organized by the Institut d’Optique Graduate School, the ALPHA-RLH cluster, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the CNRS – National Center for Scientific Research, the University of Bordeaux, and the University of Limoges, in partnership with ALPhANOV.